[Journey To The Land of Daehanminguk] Part 3 : Actually Departing There

Greetings, folks.

So, after prepping all the administrative stuff, all the itinerary, all that’s left is to depart!

We didn’t take the direct flight because it’s a bit costlier (but more on this part, I swear!), so we took Air Asia flights with transits to KL, with hopes we can stretch our leg between the long hour flights.

We took off from CGK around half past 6 PM and arrived around 12 AM in KL.


Please pardon our tired faces.

We departed again to Incheon around 12:30 and arrived around 7.20 AM.

We were greeted by the early spring breeze, and this particular oppa.


Rode a few escalators, and I was kind of astonished with this view:


IMO, it was a lot like Kualanamu in Medan. But of course, it’s filled with Korean peeps. And I quote myself “it feels like I’m entering what I saw in TV / PC / Phone screens”.

It feels great to finally visit some other country. Especially with you, my dearest.


Pardon our scruffy faces, we haven’t had a proper rest. Hehe

After taking some selfies and pics to our satisfaction, we took off to our lodging place by bus. We stayed at a place, by a walking distance to bus stations and train stations in Namdaemun. 


This was the frontal view of our lodging. The weather was quite gloomy because it was raining in the afternoon.

My initial impressions about South Korea was:

  • Roads are wide, pedestrian crosswalks are well planned and the peeps there are very compliant.
  • Cars around there are mostly sedans, smaller hatchbacks, and SUVs. No LMPV whatsoever.
  • Bikes ranged from local matic scooter to larger imported bikes like supersports or American cruiser.
  • Peeps around here are quite conscious about foreigner and looks.


I guess that’s all I can write now. See you soon, folks!