The Beginning

Mid August, 2007.

I’m a little bit obsessed with a perfect timeline order, so i will start with the beginning of our togetherness. 

I met Ragil in the beginning of my College time. It was the first day of college orientation. We sat next to each other.
Yeah we did. And the other couple who sat next to us, Tahta and Nicha, also got married. Coincidence? :p

You know, i kinda have this kind of stereotypes of guys who chose pharmacy as a major. and yep, me and him was in the same faculty and took the same major. I thought, most of pharmacy guys are less manly and less good-looking as another tech guy. Well, it almost true. Anyway, my first impression of him was quite good. Honestly, mostly because he’s tall hehe.
For the record, I did tried to be one of the tech guy. But fate put me in the pharmacy road instead. Well, one of The Lord’s bigger reason, might be to make me met you. 

I often hung out with boys instead of my girl friends. and it included him. But if i thought more, we rarely talk to each other; let alone having an intense of interaction. most of the time we hung out in group of 5 or more people. It became more awkward to us when the rest of our friends starts to tease us as a “couple-to-be”. I kinda enjoy it though :p.
She enjoyed it, but for me, who was the pity-object-but-not-always-bullied-due-to-my-enormous-size in all my schooling times, that kind of treatment got me anxious. See, I was always tried to live under the radar. When such spotlight came through, I didn’t know how to react but to fully denying it. It got me curious about her though. Hehe.

As time went by, that attractiveness slowly went down. He much more like a friend to hung out whom i rare spoke with. we go to a movie together, prepare for the exam together, work on group task together and even a lab buddy (of course, together here means there were 4 or more persons included). It was just that. Ow before i forgot, the very one thing i didn’t like about him at that time is, he never asked to sent me home when we hung out, although we went the same way home. Always Edi, who drove me to my  ‘kosan’ (-____-).
My way of playing it cool went through really well, didn’t it? Hehe. I’d hoped, not too cool, but it seems it got overly cool. Hau

I’m a pretty much an observer you know. There is this kind of gesture of him. i noticed it for a while. When he gets nervous he likes to make a repetitive movements. Either walk at same pace back and forth, move one of his body part (mostly fingers), over sweaty, and yet he make the same face expression. It’s fun thing to watch.
Baby, I was also a keen observer myself. One thing I’d like to point out about you is the higher voice tone and the relentless-denying phase when you got upset. But that’s okay with me, I’d like me some challenge :3

I don’t know if he knew it or not, but my feelings for him occurs like a sun. If it’s rise, it rose brightly, if it’s went west, it gloom as a twilight. At the time i like him most, my silly self tried to make an overboard gesture hahahahaa… just for him to notice me more. Until, one tiny action chase away all the feelings. On an annual basketball tourney in our campus, he played as one of the starters. There’s this time, in the game, when one of our team player passed the ball to him, and he should catch it, but instead of catching the ball, he dodged it. A boys who can play sport is always cool, right? and at that moment, when i saw that those attractiveness suddenly disappear, pufff…
I was never that sporty guy. My initial and my trained reaction upon seeing an object coming at me at full speed was dodge/deflect it. HAHAHAHA

At the end, for me,Ragil is a friend that a little bit shy, awkward, smart, nice, and to sum it up a NERD guy. I couldn’t ever imagine that i will end up spend my life time around him. What happen to us next? what happen to me to be exact.
And what happen to me? Stay tune. We got plentiful of cringe and cheesiness.