The Not So Popular Move Back to LG Mobile

Greetings everyone.

I’d like to share my thoughts and impressions regarding my recent move back to the latest flagship of LG and my experience after around 2 months.

A little bit of background story first: I was kind of a loyal LG user; I used G2 in its prime, one of the early adopter of G3 and G4; before I strayed to Samsung (A5 2016 and S7, you will be missed).

And now, I’m back in the LG bandwagon, with the less popular 2017 flagship; the G6.

I’ll focus on the main reasons on why I chose G6 over the S8, the successor of my former phone the S8.


(pic credits to trustedreviews)

S7 to G6:

  • Worries over the S7 AMOLED screen lifetime (wouldn’t want to experience permanent burn in or screen tinting with considerable cost to replace)
  • Worries over the increasingly dropping price of secondhand Galaxy S7
  • Warranty will soon end – so will the prestige.
  • Some nice trade in deal from Erafone – well, not so much.



(pic credits to trustedreviews)

Why G6 not S8:

  • No flat variant in S8. I hate edge screens. Too fragile to my liking.
  • No trade in deal nice enough for me to sway.
  • Fingerprint sensor placement is too awkward and the screen unlocking mechanism is quite a hassle for me.
  • No real world improvement other than screen and the silicons inside.
  • Wide angle camera on the G6 is tempting enough for me to sway over the swiftness of the dual pixel PDAF.


What I will miss in S8:

  • No more freebies in galaxy gift Indonesia.
  • Some tiny bits of software that’s negligible for some but quite useful for me, e.g: the spammy number detection in phone app.
  • No more access to closely located Samsung service center.
  • Less varieties of case choice.


All in all, those points pretty much sums up what I will miss and what I will face in the forthcoming year.


Now, on to the impressions and experiences:

  • Wide angle rear cam and the rear video are great! Decent quality and great outputs. I’m no photographer nor videographer so I won’t emphasize more on this.
  • Okay-ish front cam results. Might be a dealbreaker for some.
  • Battery-oriented performance: will not top the benchmarks or greatest frame rates in HD games, but this will last you long enough. Heat dissipation is better than the G4 and S7.
  • Quickcharge 3.0 is a blessing. 5% to 80% in one and a half hour and half an hour more to top it all off.
  • The position of the 3.5 mm jack on top of the device makes it a bit tricky when you mount your phone in car while charging and using the audio jack.

Thoughts and comments are more than welcome.


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