[Journey To The Land of Daehanminguk] Part 1 : Obtaining the Four-Lettered Document in the Embassy of the Republic of Korea




In order to go out of your country, you need passport, right?

But here’s the catch: to enter one’s country, you don’t simply just waltz in like you usually do… but you need to get that particular four-lettered document: V to the I to the S to the A!

Read with me… VEEEE SSAAAAAA

As most of the people who like to travel know, getting a visa is quite an administrative job. And not everyone has that kind of thing. Me personally don’t like getting my hands on the administrative stuff. Not to mention that I’m very messy and not a very systematic person. 

Before we submit the required documents to the embassy, we googled what are the documents needed for submission.

Googled? Not only we googled, but we also hijack one of our friend’s soon to be wedded girlfriend who happen to work in a South Korean company, that ALSO happened to just recently visited South Korea, to obtain any single nitty gritty details about the Korea as a country and the Visa. Is it hard? Is it easy?
Well, to the day this blog was posted, we haven’t got our visas yet, but, finger’s crossed!

So, let’s just get down to business… what you need to prepare to get South Korea Visa?

The documents 

  1. Copy of ID
  2. Copy of passport
  3. The passport itself
  4. Copy of family certificate 
  5. Photograph with the particular size 3.5×4.5 cm and white background 
  6. Bank account portfolio of the past 3 months 
  7. Reference letter from Bank
  8. Reference letter from the company we work at
  9. Tax thingies.
  10. And of course the form.
  11. Aiplane ticket
  12. Hotel booking

We have to fill in a form that can be downloaded in this link : Visa form

If you mingle around the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Korea, you’d be able to see the full price list, but the one we paid was IDR 544,000 / visa. IN CASH.
That’s for 90 days.

Prepared the docs, filled the form, draw the money, time to go to the embassy. 

The embassy complex is located right next to Medistra Hospital. It has 2 buildings, the new one has a tall fence and a tighter security, the other one is an old building where we enter to the place for visa submission. 

We went to the embassy of South Korea using Uber because we’re not sure whether we can park our car or not.

Yeah, and I was kind of a nerd of punctuality. I’d rather come early and wait a short queue rather than come on time and face longer queue.

Oh, and note this: submitting documents can only be done in the morning, and the afternoon is strictly for picking up the approved visas.

We arrived at the Embassy about 8 am. It’s already crowded. We got our queue number 17th. Oh, forgot to mention, no matter how early you arrive the locket will serve you at 9 am. But, just we mention earlier, at 8 we got number 17. 

It turns out the queue is not as hellish as I was imagining earlier. The turnover in each lockets is not that long. In about 30-40 minutes, we were called, and we handed our documents along with the payment. We were given a receipt to track our visa approval progress, online. The dude said that it’d take 3-4 working days. 

Step 1, done.

Then, right in the 4h working day, I checked the web (here) , inputted our passport number and names, and voila!

The next day, we came to the Korea Embassy again, around 13.00. The office itself would open at 13:30. When the door opens, I put our receipt into the designated place, and wait until our name called. Around 20-30 minutes, my name was called.

I was so thrilled to see a new visa embedded in my passport. It’s been quite a long while since I left this soils of Indonesia.

Step 1, really done.

What’s next? Itineraries. Places to visit. Places to stay. And all that will be on our next post.



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