The good things about living in digital age is we can learn anything almost from everyone. Having a fondness about makeup is just not enough for me if I cannot apply them to my face. And I really want to do it properly.

Taking a full makeup class or professional makeup class can sometimes very pricey. So I started to learn from the YouTube channel. There are a lot of beauty vlogger out there to learn to. And many of them give a very useful know-what and how to apply make up. Each person have their own style of doing makeup. Like if I watch a vlogger from a westerners, they tend to be bold and dare to play with a wide range of colors. On the other hand, vlogger from Asian country include, me in Indonesia, has tendency to be more natural and use a more neutral colour. And I like to watch them all. Hihihihi…

For skin care, I really interested in korean skin care routine, so I tend to watch a vlog from korean (English speaker of course) vlogger.

If I can mention a specific channel that I watched nowadays, here are those channel :

  • Suhay Salim
  • Christen Dominique
  • Abel Cantika
  • Pony makeup
  • MakeUpByCamila2
  • Joan Kim
  • Jkissa


These are the channel that I subscribed to. I can watch it a whole day if I have spare time. Even sometimes when my husband is a sleep, I start to watch it again hehehehehee.

It seems so easy for them to get a nice and smooth result. And from that I know I still have to learn a looooot. At the same time they motivate me to be better.

P.S: Featured image credits to vuelio


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