The Not So Popular Move Back to LG Mobile

Greetings everyone.

I’d like to share my thoughts and impressions regarding my recent move back to the latest flagship of LG and my experience after around 2 months.

A little bit of background story first: I was kind of a loyal LG user; I used G2 in its prime, one of the early adopter of G3 and G4; before I strayed to Samsung (A5 2016 and S7, you will be missed).

And now, I’m back in the LG bandwagon, with the less popular 2017 flagship; the G6.

I’ll focus on the main reasons on why I chose G6 over the S8, the successor of my former phone the S8.

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[Journey To The Land of Daehanminguk] Part 3 : Actually Departing There

Greetings, folks.

So, after prepping all the administrative stuff, all the itinerary, all that’s left is to depart!

We didn’t take the direct flight because it’s a bit costlier (but more on this part, I swear!), so we took Air Asia flights with transits to KL, with hopes we can stretch our leg between the long hour flights.

We took off from CGK around half past 6 PM and arrived around 12 AM in KL.


Please pardon our tired faces.

We departed again to Incheon around 12:30 and arrived around 7.20 AM.

We were greeted by the early spring breeze, and this particular oppa.


Rode a few escalators, and I was kind of astonished with this view:


IMO, it was a lot like Kualanamu in Medan. But of course, it’s filled with Korean peeps. And I quote myself “it feels like I’m entering what I saw in TV / PC / Phone screens”.

It feels great to finally visit some other country. Especially with you, my dearest.


Pardon our scruffy faces, we haven’t had a proper rest. Hehe

After taking some selfies and pics to our satisfaction, we took off to our lodging place by bus. We stayed at a place, by a walking distance to bus stations and train stations in Namdaemun. 


This was the frontal view of our lodging. The weather was quite gloomy because it was raining in the afternoon.

My initial impressions about South Korea was:

  • Roads are wide, pedestrian crosswalks are well planned and the peeps there are very compliant.
  • Cars around there are mostly sedans, smaller hatchbacks, and SUVs. No LMPV whatsoever.
  • Bikes ranged from local matic scooter to larger imported bikes like supersports or American cruiser.
  • Peeps around here are quite conscious about foreigner and looks.


I guess that’s all I can write now. See you soon, folks!

[Journey To The Land of Daehanminguk] Part 2 : Arranging the Itinerary


Ah, didn’t see this draft! Thanks hon, but I’ll write it first :p
So, we secured our entry to the Republic of Korea. What’s next? Of course it’s the itinerary!

I believe in freedom. And I believe in you (r Korean language proficiency), my dear. That’s why we didn’t plan for following an established tour, but set our own itinerary instead. That way, we can fully accommodate our own needs there.

Yes dear, I got you

Let’s jump right in :

Since we only have two full days and a half day, I assure that we got to the mandatory places  in Seoul. That’s the first.

Second thing is we want to make sure that we can enjoy the signature Korean dish and give our hands a bunch of street food.

The third thing, and this is my kind of mission to start with, is hunting for Korean cosmetics and skin care (sorry babe, cannot help it).

The last but not least,

What babe?

Anyways, out of all tourism objects scattered around Seoul, we picked out what’s the most viable and feasible to visit and enjoy. I admit that I do want to go around some agency buildings just to catch some glimpse of Korean celebs around there. But as I checked two of my fave girl groups that they had no schedule or abroad schedule, visits around agency building is a no go. So… what else?

Medieval castles. Hype areas. Chill areas. That’s the places we want to go.

Palaces. Hongdae / Myeongdong. Hangang Park Dongdaemun Design Plaza. That’s what we had in mind.

Did we reach those places? Continues in the forthcoming posts. Stay tune. 

I forgot what to say hahahaa…

Anyway, here is Our final Itinerary : 


[Journey To The Land of Daehanminguk] Part 1 : Obtaining the Four-Lettered Document in the Embassy of the Republic of Korea




In order to go out of your country, you need passport, right?

But here’s the catch: to enter one’s country, you don’t simply just waltz in like you usually do… but you need to get that particular four-lettered document: V to the I to the S to the A!

Read with me… VEEEE SSAAAAAA

As most of the people who like to travel know, getting a visa is quite an administrative job. And not everyone has that kind of thing. Me personally don’t like getting my hands on the administrative stuff. Not to mention that I’m very messy and not a very systematic person. 

Before we submit the required documents to the embassy, we googled what are the documents needed for submission.

Googled? Not only we googled, but we also hijack one of our friend’s soon to be wedded girlfriend who happen to work in a South Korean company, that ALSO happened to just recently visited South Korea, to obtain any single nitty gritty details about the Korea as a country and the Visa. Is it hard? Is it easy?
Well, to the day this blog was posted, we haven’t got our visas yet, but, finger’s crossed!

So, let’s just get down to business… what you need to prepare to get South Korea Visa?

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Beauty Vlog Addiction 

The good things about living in digital age is we can learn anything almost from everyone. Having a fondness about makeup is just not enough for me if I cannot apply them to my face. And I really want to do it properly.

Taking a full makeup class or professional makeup class can sometimes very pricey. So I started to learn from the YouTube channel. There are a lot of beauty vlogger out there to learn to. And many of them give a very useful know-what and how to apply make up. Each person have their own style of doing makeup. Like if I watch a vlogger from a westerners, they tend to be bold and dare to play with a wide range of colors. On the other hand, vlogger from Asian country include, me in Indonesia, has tendency to be more natural and use a more neutral colour. And I like to watch them all. Hihihihi…

For skin care, I really interested in korean skin care routine, so I tend to watch a vlog from korean (English speaker of course) vlogger.

If I can mention a specific channel that I watched nowadays, here are those channel :

  • Suhay Salim
  • Christen Dominique
  • Abel Cantika
  • Pony makeup
  • MakeUpByCamila2
  • Joan Kim
  • Jkissa


These are the channel that I subscribed to. I can watch it a whole day if I have spare time. Even sometimes when my husband is a sleep, I start to watch it again hehehehehee.

It seems so easy for them to get a nice and smooth result. And from that I know I still have to learn a looooot. At the same time they motivate me to be better.

P.S: Featured image credits to vuelio

Planning Our First Trip

Mid July 2016. It has been a long time since I, myself, planned to travel abroad. Especially, I always want to travel with my life partner. 

Finally, we’re able to realize it! Our first trip to KOREA!! Yeeeaaaay!!!!

When we eagerly receive our yearly bonuses, we booked our ticket to Korea in an instant. We did go to some travel fairs, some Korean Travel exhibitions, and we ultimately decided and booked our ticket in end of July 2016 for April 2017. We booked quite early before our departure with intention to get a lower fare. But as a matter of fact, when we read other blogs about flight tickets to Seoul, our fare are surely not the best deal out there. Nonetheless, we regret nothing, because we took our time to plant plan this, we saved our precious dimes, and we expect to go on a comfortable trip. 

So we booked Airasia tickets to Seoul, return, for two people. We buy a tickets with one transit in Kuala Lumpur for 3 hours, before we continue our trip to Seoul. Here are our tickets and hotel details :

  • AirAsia flight tickets for 2 people, return, IDR 10.000.000 (exclude meal and baggage)
  • Fraser Namdaemun Hotel Deluxe room, 3 nights, IDR +- 5.000.000 

We didn’t book any tour services as this will be our own trip, without any particular place to go. Our itinerary is ours only. 

What we’ve been doing after booking the tickets and hotel was to throw a siege over any references about any attractive place on Seoul and make a list of them.

Once the everything is done, (which is not yet), we’ll make a budget for our trip so we’ll not spend excessively (although I’m not very sure bout this) 

Ah one thing we forget to mention is about the visa. Honestly, we don’t submit our visa request yet, until today. 😣

We still have a lot of homework to do to prepare our trip. So, you’ll soon will see our story about visa submission, itinerary, and our budget plan. And after our trip maybe we’ll share our pics, expenses, and a how-to-travel around Seoul. 

See you soon 😊